stefan peters law





Stefan is a young dynamic lawyer who is committed to getting the best possible results in all of his clients’ cases. Prior to being called to the bar in September 2017, he completed his articles with one of Toronto’s most experienced drinking and driving lawyers, whom he helped in obtaining numerous acquittals and withdrawals. Since then, he has worked in various areas of criminal law, including aggravated assault, sexual and domestic assault, arson, property and driving offences in addition to his ongoing impaired driving practice.

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada last year, Stefan has decided to focus on defending those who are unfairly affected by the new cannabis-impaired driving legislation, such as medical cannabis users who now have to face the prospect of losing their license just for using their medicine, as well as regular recreational users who are charged despite being perfectly functional after consuming cannabis.

Having grown up in Montreal, Stefan is fluent in both English and French, and committed to upholding the language rights of his clients before the courts in all parts of Ontario.


Stefan’s practice is driven by a deeply-rooted belief that we are all entitled to the same rights under the law regardless of our race, gender, sexual orientation or financial means. However, the reality is often very different, and Stefan is committed to making sure that all of his clients’ rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms are upheld.


Stefan is committed to providing affordable legal representation that does not compromise on quality. He recognizes that each of his clients’ needs are different, and undertakes to provide representation that is tailored to those needs and assist his clients through every step of a criminal proceeding.